2013 Honda CR-V release date

2013 Honda CR-V release date

Grand design with stuffed features – welcome 2013 Honda CR-V release date to come soon

It is needless to say that Honda has created its own niche in the field of manufacturing automobiles that are brilliant in shape, design and all round performance. No one can truly question the current position of the company when it comes to the great design of CR-V. The company has just aired for the 2013 Honda CR-V release date along with some useful features and compromising specification that will be capable of captivating the attention of most of the interested consumers. At the initial stage when this model was announced for the release, people usually though that it would have the similar features of the 2012 model.

All the assumptions may come nearly true because the new 2013 CR-V may have the potential to integrate the same remote key-less entry, power windows, locks and mirrors; cruise control system and telescopic steering wheel. It should be noted here that thus new model is ought to have similar elements and functionalities like adjustable driver seat, rear seat heating unit and eight cup holders. The experts suggest that 2013 version of the CR-V will be made available in three different trims, each one having separate set of features and price tags. You will be definitely looking for the pricing details and specifications and 2013 Honda CR-V release date.

Starting with basic unit of Honda CR-V LX, it continues to the next step with EX and EX-L models. It will be amazing to see that the fundamental unit of Honda CR-V LX will possess the steel wheels, measuring 16 inches. On the other hand, the two models in the name of EX and EX-L will go up with 17-inches alloy wheel. The latest speculation suggests that 2013 Honda CR-V release date will be somewhere in the late autumn 2012 when the people will see its 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine, which will be similar to that of the previous model of 2012.

The latest 2012 Honda CR-V will boast of 185 hp, 1633 ft of torque and 5 speed auto transmissions. We will provide you the faithful information about the pricing of each of the units and trims available. The LX model is priced about $24k-25.2k; the next model of EX will be priced at $26.2k-27.5k and the last one, EX-L will be available at $29k-30.2k. The fierce competition in the current market of automobiles will try to mimic the Honda but there is a slight chance that 2013 Honda CR-V release date will change.

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