2014 Honda CR-V release date

2014 Honda CR-V release date

Overview of 2014 Honda CR-V Car Model
Reviews of 2014 Honda CR-V Release Date Revealed Sports Vehicle Features

Honda CR-V launched by the well-known Honda Motor is one of the CCSUV i.e. Compact Crossover Sports Utility Vehicle. This sporting vehicle is capable of delivering proper balance between comfort, versatility and style. The manufacturers of CR-V have recently launched the fourth-generation of this exciting sporting model to grab the attraction of large numbers of your people across the world. The latest edition of the car has included revised exterior and interior treatments, enhanced power and host of some of the latest equipments in combination with several innovative technologies.

According to the reviews related with 2014 Honda CR-V release date, the latest model of CR-V is one of the 4-door and 5-passenger entry-level SUVs, which gives good driving experience and ease of operation to the drivers, other than its sporty appearance. The car is available in front-wheel configuration as well as in all-wheel drive configurations, such that both configurations may have three different trim levels named EX-L, EX and LX. Inline 2.4 liter capacity of 4-cylinder engine is responsible for giving power to different trim levels of the wheel configurations. Petrol and diesel models of the latest car of Honda Motor Company are easily available in the market and can operate with the help of 5-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox.

Other than the structures of the latest 2014 Honda CR-V sports car model of the company, the reviews have revealed some of its special features. Firstly, reviews of 2014 Honda CR-V release date have given description that CR-V model is available in the market with some of the extra-ordinary features in the form of streaming audio and hands-free capability enabled with special feature of Bluetooth. Last, but not the least, new sports vehicle gives one of the Eco-Assist systems for improving the economy of fuel via adjustments of transmission shifting points and retarding of acceleration in gentle way.

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