2014 Toyota Prius c Release Date

2014 Toyota Prius c Release Date

Details and specifications of new 2014 Toyota Prius C – fuel efficient model

You should once again be thankful to the hybrid appearance and look of the 2014 Toyota Prius C that have been made available at an affordable rate. This is the latest and fresh start for the company which has tried its best to incorporate the advanced platforms and interiors for the safety and comfortable driving experience. When it comes to the mechanical configuration of Prius C, we will see four cylinders 1.5 liter along with electric motors. These will be combined to deliver a power of 100 hp. Standard variations of the power will result in great front wheel transmission that will carve out a new segment of consumer section.

For the base model, you will have to pay nearly $19000 and will be available in the showrooms of North America. As far as the matter of fuel economy is concerned, you will get amazing 53 mpg and 46 mpg in the city and on the highway as per the latest EPA ratings. As compared to the current Prius model, you will find the new C 19.1 inches reduced in length and its weight is also 542 pounds less than the standard Prius model. Some more improvements have been achieved by the Toyota experts as far as the motor and engine are concerned. Instead of 1.8, the 2014 Prius C car model will come packed with 1.5 liter engine which would be compact and smaller in size. At the end, you will get nearly 82 lb-ft of torque and 99 HP of power.

As per the latest test, you will find the 2014 Toyota Prius C car boasting of high power in its class and offering you a comfortable ride on all terrain types. This car will be available in three trim levels in the name of Eco, Normal and EV versions with further advancements in the interiors and security systems, black interior, iPod connectivity solution, audio jack and multi-information display will be included in the interiors.

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